Corona Virus – Covid 19 Safety Tips

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Whole the world is effected from Corona Virus – Covid 19, there is not any vaccine prepared for Corona Virus. All countries are taking steps for controlling to not spread in the people, but number of cases are daily increasing, China has been controlled due to more than 65 days strict lockdown.

Causes of Spreading Corona Virus

The main reason of spreading this virus is that people are not restricting their self in house, if people stay at home and don’t go outside there is a maximum chance to stop spreading it.

Safety Steps

People has to go outside the home for grocery and other important work, but they make sure to take following safety steps to safe from Corona Virus.

Healthy Food

Eat healthy food, vegetable is best for getting strong of immune system, avoid junk food, organic food is very helpful to combat with corona.

70% Alcoholic Saniterz

Use hand sanitizer containing 70% or more alcohal, because WHO – World Health Organization researched that above 70% alcoholic sanitizers killing the virus.

Use Face Mask

Use every time face mask, if you are going outside the home or inside, face mask will safe you from corona virus, corona virus goes in lungs from breath,

Wash Hands

Wash hands after every 20 to 25 minutes, washing hands again and will reduce the chance of effecting from Corona Virus – Covid 19.

Drink Water

Drink water every 20 minutes, don’t keep your throat dry, there is a chance to virus will go in stomach if you drink water every 20 minutes.

Take Steam

Taking hot water steam is very useful for Corna Patients, Boil water and take steam of hot boiled water and take steamer if can purchase, taking 5 to 10 minutes steam in a day is very helpful.

Stay Home

Stay at home, don’t go outside the home except for very important work, quarantine your self in home. Keep your children in home, reduce all social activities.

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